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What are Google Voice Numbers?

If you want that your one phone number should also receive calls of other various phone numbers, then you should  buy Google voice number . Google voice number is beneficial when you have more than one phone, but you do not want to carry all of them. It is also useful for voicemail and texting. Users link their Google voice number with all other numbers, and when someone calls, it will ring on other phones also. The user can choose some certain phones to ring.

Why do you need to buy Google Voice Numbers?

Google voice accounts have lots of benefits. When you buy Google voice number, you get only one number for other purposes too. You can use it for calling way a Gmail and Wi-Fi as well. You can switch your phone while calling and also can block unwanted phone numbers. It also offers an automatic spam filter. Moreover, if you buy Google voice Accounts, you get a recording, and SMS integration services. You also get voice mail service when you are not available to attend a call.

Why should you buy Google Voice Accounts for business?

Users link their other numbers such as home, work, and mobile with Google voice number. A user can call from handsets by using regular phone service, and their specific no. will show on the receiving end. Google voice accounts give you lots of benefits for business such as:

SMART CALL FORWARDING- one of the main benefits of Google voice numbers is quick to call forwarding. You get this advantage by concerning that how you want your calls routed.

CUSTOMIZED RINGING- You can maintain the rules for ringing at your own, means calls from some precise numbers will ring only at your home phone number, while calls from other numbers will go right to your voicemail.

USEFUL WEB INTERFACE- when you buy Google voice accounts, it also provides a valuable web interface for your services. It’s assistance to manage and archive your voice messages online. The web interface program makes use for dialling from one of the other linked numbers.

A passionate communication is beneficial to establish good business relations. Google voice PVA accounts give the opportunities for it. These accounts boost and speed up your precious business communication.


1 Google Voice Account- $1.5

5 Accounts – $7

10 Accounts- $12

20 Accounts – $20

50 Accounts – $50

100 Accounts- $100

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