buy facebook page

Buy Facebook Page

All we know that Facebook is the largest social media platform.
And Facebook pages are a phenomenal medium to generate our views.
When you want to subscribe to a Facebook Page, you have to like that page. Having a lot of page likes may give the impression that your brand or business is popular amongst customers.

Business owners who use social networking sites effectively are able to promote their businesses in powerful ways through social networking platforms. They also gain trust of their audience by their social media accounts and reviews. A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and  promote services/products.

It is not easy to engage with your customers  if you do not have enough experience of advertising on Facebook. 

We are here to assist our customers to easily build up Facebook page for their business or personal use. We can setup your Facebook page and advertise it among your audience to grow your business.

Want us to setup new page and grow it?

Looking for readymade page for your business?

We also have ready-made pages what have a lot of likes. And if you want we can change the page name to your business.

Facebook Page with 5k Likes

We will give you Facebook Page with 5000 likes. We just need the page name logo and cover image for the Facebook page. You will get the page with your brand name and details.

buy super active facebook page

Super Active Facebook Page

Looking for a super active Facebook page for your niche? We will provide you super active Facebook page. Those page will a lot of engagement(likes,comments,messages,etc).

inactive facebook page

Inactive Facebook Page

If you want to start from scratch and just need a Facebook page with organic likes and followers then inactive page will be good for you. The page will be fresh and the audience will not be active.

Buy monetized Facebook Page

Monetized Facebook Page

We are also selling Monetized Facebook pages. You can earn from those pages easily. All those pages are approved for Facebook Monetization. Send us message to discuss more.

buy gaming facebook page

Facebook Page Gaming Niche

If you are Gamer and want a Facebook Page to do live-streaming and post articles+vidoes through your page then these pages will be perfect for you. We also have collections of Gaming Nice Facebook Page.

instant article verified

Instant Articles Verified Page

If you are blogger or writer then you can earn easily through Facebook by publishing your articles/posts. You can buy our instant articles verified Facebook page and earn easily.

What are some other benefits of Facebook Fan pages?​

Facebook is the no 1 online media stage in the world. Starting today, no site even verges on deposing the Facebook ruler. Not having a presence on one of the most well known sites on in the world is an exorbitant slip-up.
Direct, one on one relationship with your potential customers.
The viral factor. With some arranging and a little karma, viral presents have the capacity to a flash spot any business/brand/site solidly on the guide. You can easily engage with your potential customer through Facebook.

i need different type of page what to do now?

Just send us message. We will check our stock if any of our page match your requirements.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Facebook Page?

Your privacy is our top priority and as a trustworthy company we ensure that no one will ever know that you have purchased Facebook Page (or any other of our services) unless you tell them yourself.

May I know the process?

Sure. If you need a Facebook Page for your business niche or if you have any requirements, then you can contact us through contact page or live chat. We will discuss your needs. Then will show you several pages and you will choose as per your choice.

Do you have any pricing list?

We have a price list for the pages of 5K likes. But we do not have any pricing list now for the other pages. Because we have lot of pages in our stock and almost all pages are active and getting likes and followers. We will show you page according to your needs then we will give you quote according to the page quality and niche.

Do You need any login details of my account?

No. We do not need any login details. We will give you the page with the admin account details(email, passwords, email and email login). And if you want we can make your Facebook account as Owner of that page. But we prefer to use our given Facebook account to keep the privacy private.

What will happen if previous owner claim the Facebook Page

We will give you the previous admin login details for safety. And we believe that no one will claim. But if happen it then you will get fully refund.

I already have a Facebook Page. Can you help me to grow it?

Sure. You can contact us or check our Facebook Page promotion service.
Thank You